An Urban Homestead

Have you ever heard of homesteading? It was something that I was introduced to a couple of years ago. It is an idea that has been bumping around in my brain for awhile. There are parts of it that sound pretty appealing, and other parts that seem a little “out there.”

For the uninitiated homesteading is the idea of getting the most use out of your little plot of land as possible. Most people that I know of who are involved in this way of life have several acres of land that they are using to grow food and animals to feed their families. It was an idea that I had become accustomed to, the idea that homesteading needs a minimum of 5 acres to work. Until I visited Path to Freedom. It was then that I was shocked out of that belief.

What I find appealing about the idea of homesteading is the growing your own food idea. We’ve taken steps toward that here on our own little funny farm. We have a little vegetable garden that is producing quite well. It’s not to the point that we could live off of it, but it is helping to reduce our need for produce from the store. It’s a learning experience for sure!

I would love to have a few chickens (although my feed mill dealer store owner says that cleaning the coop is pretty uncool). Mainly for the eggs. Rabbits would be good. Maybe a few goats. Learn to make soap. But for that we need acreage. We can’t have goats or chickens in the “big” city. We could do rabbits, but we simply don’t have room for a hutch where they wouldn’t get cooked in the summer.

I’d love to compost, but Party Boy says no here. There’s nowhere to put the pile that wouldn’t be uncomfortably close to the house and somehow getting him to part with a couple of hundred dollars for a patio unit that we have no space for seems unlikely.

And yet, they’re doing in in Cali.

Somehow, since we do want to sell this house in a couple of years I can’t see him agreeing to let me tear up the front yard and expand the garden either.

So, while total urban homesteading is out for the time being, I am feeling inspired to make other changes, like possibly adding another garden bed and finding a way to be more energy conscious. We’ll see.

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