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First, are you familiar with Flylady? If you struggle with keeping your house clean you need to check her out. She’s all about routines and guiltless cleaning and decluttering.

Second, I am a multiple times fallen off the wagon failed Flybaby. Time for the walk of shame.

Seriously, I failed at the binder. The routines were easy enough, and so was the decluttering. I enjoy that. But I hated the binder and toting lists around.I tried adding the lists to my Palm – but that requires dragging it out as well. I’m still looking for a better way to follow the program and make it work for me.

Now for the real story, right?

So, Party Boy has been travelling for work. I like to have the house clean when he gets home because 1. his love language is “acts of service” and 2. he gets irritable when the house is messy. It’s not that we let the house go, we just live here. There’s daily use involved in having 4-6 people in the house at any given time.

Anyway, his flight was supposed to land at 3:50 p.m. We wanted to have the house ready by then, but the kids don’t take orders real well, and I wasn’t convinced that we could get it done even if we worked all day. Enter Flylady.

I stumbled across her website link to her podcasts and lo and behold, she has a recorded podcast for crisis cleaning. Get your house company ready (not white glove ready) in one hour. We can do that! I opened iTunes and started up the podcast and we were off. In three 15-minute sections we had cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. I then took an extra 15 minutes to clean my bedroom and bathroom. It was pretty amazing.

I think I am going to download some of her podcasts, including crisis cleaning, to my iPod and the girls iPods. They took direction from Flylady way better than from me. We were cleaning as a team and that truly made getting the house Daddy-ready possible!

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