The Real Reason Party Boy Hates to Travel

I mentioned last week that Party Boy was out of town. What I didn’t mention is that while he was gone I got a wild hare and did this:

That’s right, I threw toys all over the living room.

No, really. I ripped out our carpet! It was some heinous carpet y’all. Contractor grade beige that showed every stain, mark, and mess. Despite nearly daily vacuuming and frequent cleaning it was turning into an awkward shade of grey. <shudder>

I realized that I would rather live on concrete than continue to subject my floor playing children to that nasty mess. So I ripped the carpet and pad out.

In doing so I discovered the reson for some of our allergies. Cigarette ash and cigarette butts under the pad. And more dirt than is in the yard. Apparently, the carpet installers didn’t feel that it was necessary to actually sweep the concrete before laying the carpet down. No way was that dirt from us! Our dirt was happily trapped between the carpet and the pad. No, this was dirt original to the construction of the house.

After I got all of that cleaned up we went over to Lowe’s and bought a bound piece of carpet ($88) to put out so the kids wouldn’t be playing on the bare concrete. It has noticably cut down on our allergies and the weird “wet” smell is gone too. No, it wasn’t mold – I just think it was the conglomerate of the stains that was stinking. It’s not that we’re messy, people! We just have three kids and a dog. I think that’s enough info to explain…

Now we have to decided what will go down in the carpets place. Wood? Carpet? I’ll keep you updated.

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