The Fallacy of TV Dorm Rooms

Just an observation here.

Has anyone noticed how roomy and spacious TV commercial dorms are?  They’re about the size of my living room. You know, 16 feet by 20 feet. Huge!

When in reality most dorm rooms I have been in are sized more like this:

That’s Alcatraz. And just slightly smaller than most real life dorm rooms, really.

I just find it funny when the happy commercial people carry in 10,000 boxes of -insert name of commercial retailer here- stuff and happily decorate a ginormous dorm room for one. All color coordinated, of course.

Just an observation.


One thought on “The Fallacy of TV Dorm Rooms

  1. Ginger says:

    Maybe they were upper classman dorm rooms. My sophomore year at Baylor I moved to an upper classman dorm and the room was HUGE, probably about the size or maybe a little bigger than an average living room. Of course it wasn’t as bright as those commercial dorms!

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