Twimming, Paw-paw, and the Taco.

Captain Chaos has been talking a lot about twimming (swimming), Paw-paw (my Dad) athe Taco. I’ll explain that last one in a bit.

The girls are taking swimming lessons in a 2 week intensive course at the local swim class place. They love and CC loves it because there’s a movie room and lots of toys for littles not in class. Not to mention that CC got to watch a Mommy and Me class like the one that we’ll be in this fall. He can’t wait and neither can I. He walks around asking when “duh derls go twimming.”

Hollywood and CC spent a week with my parents while I was at camp this summer. Since then we have been hearing quite a bit about Paw-paw:

  • Pawpaw wear hat.
  • Pawpaw wike ice cweem (ice cream).
  • Pawpaw go twimming.
  • Pawpaw eet wots (eat lots).
  • Pawpaw wuv Winnie (my parents dog).
  • Pawpaw dun wike Winnie poopoo.
  • Pawpaw wide sickle mo (rides a motorcycle).
  • Pawpaw me buddy.

And now – the Taco. CC loves going places, but with two “trucks” the kids were always confused about which vehicle we were taking. So we started asking “Are we taking the truck or the Tahoe?” Not too long ago we were getting ready to walk out the door when CC ran up to Party Boy and said, “Take duh twuck O duh taco?” The Tahoe has been known as the taco since then…

I was thinking today that I wish that blogs had existed when the girls were little so I would have a better record of their doings. It’s the little things like these that are so precious in hindsight.

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2 thoughts on “Twimming, Paw-paw, and the Taco.

  1. cjboales says:

    This is WAY too cool. He sounds like he is really talking up a storm….he is working hard to keep up with Sydney, huh? Keep up the posting!

  2. PawPaw says:

    You tell Captain Chaos the he and PawPaw are the best of buddies forever. PawPaw sure does miss CC. PawPaw also misses MOTS and Hollywood…. a lot!!! I can’t wait to see them again. They are all my buddies… they are the greatest grandkids a PawPaw could ever hope for.

    You keep up the outstanding posting.. you have no idea how much me and MeMaw love it and look forward to reading it.

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