Summer is Winding Down

And I have to be honest, it is depressing me a little. I do really enjoy the laziness of summer days – ice tea, ceiling fans, sleeping in, vacations, and so on. It seems that everywhere I turn there are signs of the impending end of summer. Back to school sales, all my teacher friends heading back to school, meetings to plan fall activities at church.

And yet I love the end/start of cycles. I love to evaluate the previous year – figure out what worked and what didn’t. I love to plan for the new year. New school supplies, curriculum catalogs, a schedule, new activities.

On top of that I have a birthday to plan – October means that Captain Chaos is 2! We will be having a small family party for him to celebrate his second trip around the sun!

There is so much to look forward to and so much yet to do! My plan is to enjoy these last few days of summer, to savor them, enjoy the freedom from the “have-to-do’s” with my kids before jumping into the regularity of a schedule with both feet in a few weeks!

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