Preparation is Key

With fall and all of the requisite activities just around the corner the kids and I have been busy, busy, busy this week!

Sunday –

Captain Chaos woke up with a 101.5 fever. Oy. This just so happens to be the busiest Sunday of the year for us, so it figures. Party Boy and the girls went on to church and CC and I headed to urgent care. Ear Infection, though mild, seemed to be the culprit. Got our antibiotics and headed on our way. I think the pharmacist and the nurse were happy to see us go since CC had puked all over the exam room, me, and himself. So he was in a diaper only, my clothes were wet and he was apparently feeling better. While I was talking to the pharmacist CC emptied the magazine rack, cleared the shelves of all of the Bayer products, and ran up and down the aisles saying “hi!” to every other customer in the place. Heh.

Party Boy and the girls got home shortly after we did and changed clothes to go to a swimming party. CC laid down to take a nap.

Party Boy and the girls came home and I left with MOTS to go to Bible Study training at church.


Monday –

Recuperated around the house. Left at 5 to go running errands. Got back at 8, exhausted.

Tuesday –

Antibiotics upsetting CC’s tummy. Didn’t leave the house. At all. I cleaned and attempted to organize my files for the upcoming Bible Study year that starts this Sunday. Updated my binder, cleaned out old materials, and tried to figure out the new format. Stayed up late to Skype with Party Boy who was on a business trip in Salt Lake City. Collaborated on a skit for Sunday morning. Went to bed at midnight. Sigh.

Wednesday –

Cleaning and running errands are the rule today. Went to Target in search of beach toys but struck out. I was able to find a Cars plate and snack set for CC. He was very pleased. I also got some child-sized goggles for the girls. The ones they were using were adult-sized and leaked. Hopefully these will work better. Then we headed over to Party City in search of a fedora, tie and sunglasses for Jake Blues a.k.a. Party Boy. Scored the hat and tie, but no glasses. I did notice that they had received all of their Halloween stuff so am hoping to go back later in the week and find the sunglasses. I also found a fog machine cheaper than the one purchased on Monday. So I bought it with plans to return the more expensive one after naptime.

We went to McDonald’s for lunch as a treat for the kids. I was going to let them play while I read, but there were way too many kids in the place and apparently they got pretty jostled in the playplace and wanted to leave. Immediately. Headed home for a nap for CC and the girls settled in to watch the Hannah Montana movie.

After nap we took off to return the fog machine and then came home to tidy up for Party Boy’s homecoming. Yay!

Tonight we watch DVR shows – The Colony and Warehouse 13 are first up – and then face the rest of the week.

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