I’m Going to Disney World!

Okay, so it’s not official in the sense that we haven’t bought tickets, or made hotel reservations, or anything like that. But we have dates picked and we’re in a holding pattern for making the rest of the arrangements.

The thing is (and this may make me a total nut) I love planning vacations almost as much as I love going on vacations! I love planning all the little details and knowing what we’re going to do and just generally making the experience amazing for my family. My favorite vacation that I have planned so far was probably our Chicago vacation. We completely relied on the amazing bus system to get around and the fun part was plugging in times and planning how we were going to get around. I know. I’m weird.

So, even though our proposed Disney trip is not until next year sometime I am already deeply engrossed in the planning process. I have a binder. With a cover printed and everything. And dividers for the itinerary and information on each park.

And, oh my word, am I doing research! I am reading about Disney until my eyes nearly bleed! There is so much out there!

It’s all very exciting. And you know I wouldn’t do a post like this without sharing some very valuable resources, right?

My top pick is Tour Guide Mike. His is a pay site, which at first made me balk a little. With so much free info out there surely I could figure it all out on my own, right? Nuh-uh. Not like he has. And unlike some free sites out there his site gets updated (not recently though as he is planning a HUGE site upgrade for October) a little more often. He also helps you plan which days are best for each park and lets you know what kinds of crowds to expect while you are there. It was more than worthy the ~$20 for all of that information! You get access from the time you buy until 60 days after your trip, so I have plenty of time to learn all I need to know for the best experience at Disney!

My second resource is AllEars.net. Sign up for the newsletter – it’s worth it! This is a free resource and has a lot of really good info.

And last, but not least, the DisBoards. This is an online forum, which is helpful for getting opinions and advice from a great many Disney veterans!

There you go. Now your Disney planning can be easy too. I’ll keep you updated on our progress as we move towards our dates. I can hardly wait!!


2 thoughts on “I’m Going to Disney World!

  1. Jamie Ryan says:

    Hey Candy…
    we went a few years ago… i used touringplans.com to plan a lot of our days. the days we were able to follow the plan worked really well (and we were there beginning memorial day weekend and the week after). there were a couple of days we couldn’t start out early (get to the parks before rope drop) and those days were the worst.
    a couple of things our girls really liked:
    a) penny press machines… we got pennies from each country in Epcot and any other time we saw a machine
    b)Epcot… you can buy a “passport” in the Epcot gift shops and it has places for stickers and then you get a cast member to sign it… most of the cast members write in the native language .. the girls really enjoyed this
    hope this helps!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I have an even better resource that is called a travel agent who specializes solely in Disney and is a family friend. She got us the h-double-o-k up.

    Plan for at least one celebrity dinner type thing where all of the characters come to all the tables. I’ll have to figure out where ours was, but it was about the best part of the whole trip.

    And I have no idea what you mean about enjoying being a planner. If you look through my worldly possessions you won’t find a binder anywhere. However, if you look on my desk, you’ll find 4.

    With covers.

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