A Clam Licked My Finger!

This morning I was up at my usual time. <Sigh> Why can I not even sleep in on vacation?!? Augh! So I headed to the kitchen and threw some Pop-Tarts (breakfast of champions) in the toaster.

Party Boy and Captain Chaos were right behind me and not long after the girls were up.

The weather was beautiful so Party Boy decided to go for a short run and do a little work-out (vacation stuff for him since his time is getting more limited at home!) and the kids and I decided that the much less crowded than yesterday beach was calling our names. We put on bathing suits, grabbed our sand bucket, sprayed on some sunscreen and took off.

We built a sandcastle (immediately knocked down by Captain Chaos), collected seashells, played in the water, and built another sandcastle. When Party Boy joined us he brought our new boogie board and the girls took turns riding the waves into the beach. Captain Chaos would stand on the beach and yell, “Kick, Kick, Kick!” He’s a great coach! He even took a couple of turns and loved riding the boogie board on the smaller waves as long as he could hold on to someone!

At one point, Hollywood and I were on the beach with Captain Chaos while Party Boy and MOTS were out on the boogie board and we were digging holes in the sand for the water to gather. We turned over a handful of sand and discovered a colony of tiny clams (dunno what they really were – but definitely little animals in shells!). We found it fascinating watching them dig back into the sand after we dug them up.

Holly wood picked a handful of them up and they immediately started trying to cover themselves up and in the process were touching her hand. This was met with shouts of “A clam licked my finger!” Coolest thing ever? Yup!

We spent the day on the beach relaxing – a much needed break – and then headed into a much less crowded town for dinner at Bubba’s Seafood. Bad choice. Despite it’s location directly near the beach (and across the street from us) the food was so-so, the service was blah, and the prices were really HIGH! We went home disappointed and wondering where it would be safe to eat the next night.


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