Taiwanese Toe-eating Attack Fish

Today found us, guess where? Back on the beach of course!

The kids and I went on a long beach-combing walk and found tons of shells and pieces of jellyfish. The storm last night apparently killed a herd/flock/troop of jellyfish and the bits and pieces then washed up to the shore where the seagulls made fairly quick work of them. We didn’t touch any of the pieces even after being reassured that the stingers were absent. No sense taking chances!

In the afternoon Party Boy joined us and we spent a good deal of time in the water. After awhile we noticed – okay, Party Boy noticed – that he was being followed and attacked by small fish. They would bump his legs and feet and followed him through the water. The kids and I thought this was hilarious and quickly dubbed the fish Taiwanese Toe-eaters. Eventually they chased Party Boy out of the water and they never once bothered anyone else. We decided to head down the beach for a walk in the opposite direction that the kids and I had gone that morning.

We made it about 50 feet when Hollywood started jumping up and down and celebrating the find of a dead crab on the beach. It was blue and about 6 inches across. She was so proud! A little further down the beach we all stopped when some movement in the water cought our eye. Upon closer inspection we realized that a large group of sting rays had come up to the beach to feed and were swimming in the surf. We stood and watched them for a long time before continuing down the beach.

After our relaxing walk we opted to clean up and head into town for dinner at LuLu’s. I saw a profile of the restaurant on the Gulf Shores channel this morning and it looked like a fun place (better than Bubba’s anyway). I did a little research and found: 1. that LuLu is actually Lucy Buffett, sister to Jimmy Buffett and 2. the food seemed reasonably priced and 3. they have a giant sand area for the kids to play in. Sounds like a home run.

I will highly recommend Lulu’s. Highly! The food was wonderful. The sweet tea was perfect and the atmosphere was excellent. Definitely try it if you are ever out this way!


5 thoughts on “Taiwanese Toe-eating Attack Fish

  1. unknownbychoice says:

    A group of jellyfish is called a smack. 🙂 Just a fun little science fact!

  2. PandaMom says:

    I was about to say a “gaggle of jellyfish” just for grins, but apparently there is a real name. I honestly can say that I would never have come up with SMACK of JELLYFISH on my own accord. ; )

  3. Jason McCay says:

    I am about to do a triathlon in orange beach (this saturday) and I was curious how bad the jellyfish were in the water when you were down there? Admittedly, I am a bit fearful of the sea nettle variety so did you see many floating in the water and were you able to get out and enjoy the water at all?

    Thanks for the info…


    • cbar629 says:

      @Jason – The jellies weren’t bad at all. I only saw two whole ones and they had no tentacles. All the jellies were dead and mostly we saw tiny pieces that were later cleared by the gulls. I was told by a local that they almost never have problems with Jellies in the fall, unless they have a storm out at sea that kills a bunch and those most likely won’t hurt you because their tentacles get torn off. She said that May and June are bad months for jellyfish there usually though…

      Good luck on your Tri!

  4. Jason McCay says:

    Awesome…you made me feel much more at ease. Hopefully, it will remain that way. Thank you for the information and the well-wishes!


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