Let’s Ride Go-Karts!

Today, Wednesday, brought more of the same. Headed to the beach in the morning as soon as everyone was awake and ready to go. Love the beach. Found a few more shells, played in the water, built a giant sand sea turtle. Good times.

While we were out there Party Boy decided that if everyone rested after lunch we could head into town and visit one of the (seemingly) hundreds of mini-golf/amusement parks. Yeah, the girls were eager for rest time!

After naps we decided on The Track.

We drove Go Karts

battled in bumper boats

played a round of mini golf

chased a duck (and told it to get back in the water)

drove more go karts

the kids rode some rides

And finally, we got Captain Chaos onto a go kart. To say that he enjoyed it would be an understatement! If I hadn’t been driving Hollywood in the other car I would have gotten a picture!

Since we were right down the street from Lulu’s we decided to head there for dinner….again!

The kids loved the giant sand area and played happily there until our table was ready. I have heard multiple times about how they wish there was a Lulu’s here where we live. Almost as many times as I hear about Smokin’ Dave’s


2 thoughts on “Let’s Ride Go-Karts!

  1. Donna Miller says:

    Where is Orange Beach?? Looks like fun………Grandpa & I may want to
    go there!

    • cbar629 says:

      Orange Beach is on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, very near the border to the Florida panhandle. It’s beautiful, I highly recommend it. There are several RV parks, too. Yeah, I looked. šŸ™‚

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