A Thought on Art

We are reading The Journeyman in school. It is a story about an itinerant painter set in the early 1800’s. Fascinating story and so well written, we are enjoying it immensely. As a plus, I love it when books we read challenge me to consider things in a new way, like this quote:

“Art, Jared,” Mr. Toppan said then, “is to do just enough to satisfy, just enough to intrigue. The spacing of your stencil reveals your skill more than anything else you do. Crowd you designs, and you have bound the wings of fantasy; space them well, and you give it full flight.”

Since reading that passage I have been looking for examples of it in my own life and surroundings, and I think it speaks a great deal to why clutter in a home becomes so draining – we need space to think, to dream, and to live. I have re-read this passage several times. I especially like the part where it speaks to giving full flight through the use of space. I know that when my house is clean and de-cluttered that I feel more free to create, whether that’s scrapbook pages or sewing. I know I am not alone in this – I hear all the time from other scrapbookers that they plan to scrap, but feel like they can’t until their area is clean and then they didn’t scrap because they spent all their time cleaning!

This passage has given new life to my goal of decluttering (constantly) my house. I want that space!

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