Let the Insanity Begin!

I mentioned here that I am making the girls Halloween costumes this year. I started this insane project on Saturday. Y’all, it took me all day just cutting the pieces! For one costume. Yikes!

It was at the point when I started sewing – like at 7 p.m. – that I realized that Simplicity is not the best name for this particular pattern to have been released under. Really they should release this particular pattern under the name “Complicated” or “Difficult” or “Don’t even think about it unless you have at least 50 years of sewing experience.” The directions aren’t all that clear, to me at least, so I am just muddling along. It frustrates me because I am not really a novice. I guess I would classify myself as an intermediate level seamstress – I’ve made a couple of quilt tops and a few wardrobe pieces. This costume though… whew!

I got most of the top done and will be working on the tulle skirt tomorrow night (unless I am teaching a digital scrapbooking class!). I am really hoping that the costumes turn out okay. Hopefully the love going into them will show through. Hopefully they will turn out cute and the girls will love them and I won’t pull out all of my hair making them!


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