He’s the Principal.

When we have meetings at church our kids will usually go to childcare provided by some really awesome ladies so we can focus and not worry about what the kids are getting into. We had just such a meeting not too long ago and when we picked the kids up I got this story –

Me: So, what did you guys do while you were in childcare?

MOTS: We played school. I was the teacher and everyone else was a student. Except for Captain Chaos.

Me: Really? Well, what was Captain Chaos doing?

MOTS: Oh, he was playing school too.

Me: But if wasn’t a student and he wasn’t a teacher, how was he playing school?

MOTS: Well, we decided that since he didn’t know anything he could be the principal. So he mainly just sat around.

I can’t make this stuff up – And of course, my apologies to all the hard-working principals out there! 🙂


2 thoughts on “He’s the Principal.

  1. Jennifer says:

    You’d be surprised at how accurate that statement is. Not that I would know that from experience or anything…

  2. Ginger says:

    Oh that makes me laugh. I have worked for an amazing principal and one who didn’t know anything and just sat around!

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