Right Now.

Right Now… we are working on manners, which manifests in funny ways. Unexpected “tank oo”s and “peess”s make me smile. Saying sorry immediately after you whack your sister in the head because she touched your Lego only to avoid time-out? Not so much.

Right Now… I finished the top to fairy costume #1. Now officially to be labelled only fairy costume 2009. I made Hollywood’s first because there was question as to whether the pattern would fit MOTS. Sadly, the pattern and final product are too small. While I think I could make the skirt work, I know the top would be too tight. We’re thinking of other ideas.

Right Now… I wish I had magical seamstress training and could alter the pattern to work. But I can’t. At least she didn’t cry.

Right Now… I am working on Christmas gifts and cards. I love this time of year! I have even had the Christmas music going a few times already.

Right Now… I am hating baseball because the play-offs and upcoming World Series have caused all of my favorite prime time shows to go on hiatus. Til November. Not a long time, but still, didn’t we just finish the summer hiatus?

Right Now… I am wondering if we’ll make it to the pumpkin patch. With all the rain I really do NOT want to go tromping through a giant mud pit. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Right Now… the house is quiet. It’s a strange feeling when you are used to noise and chatter all day long.

Right Now… we are being over-run by bean plants. We learned the all important lesson that you can love a plant with too much water and that indeed, plants can drown. The survivors are of a hardy stock and are currently gracing the toy room window. Refugees from a finished science experiment seeking asylum in the sunny sill.

Right Now… I am reading 4 different books in 4 different genres. How weird is that?

Right Now… I am enjoying the peace and planning for the holidays.

Right Now… I am loving the weather, though not the 4+ inches of rain from earlier in the week. This is the first time I can remember having a true fall around here. I may have to rake leaves this weekend.

What are you doing right now?


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