I love coffee. Well, I think it’s been described as cream and sugar with a little coffee by the true coffee drinkers in my circle, but I digress.

Last night we were driving home and we passed Braum’s. We went there once last summer for a treat. Captain Chaos saw it and immediately started squealing, “ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM!” I couldn’t believe that he remembered… I turned around and told him that there would be no stop for ice cream and he got quiet.

Two blocks later we passed Starbucks. From the back seat, “COFFEE! COFFEE!” I didn’t know he even knew what Starbucks sold. I told him no coffee either.

We got home a short while later and I settled onto the couch to read a magazine. I was interrupted by a small tap on my leg.


“Sure, would you like milk or water?”


“No. No coffee. Milk. Or. Water.”

“Otay” <insert big sigh> “Milk.”

What have I done?

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One thought on “Coffee?

  1. We let the girls have a sip of Brittany’s coffee Sunday morning. …they wanted more [laughing]. Thankfully, they haven’t asked for it since.


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