Speaking of Christmas…

It’s only 56 days away. But, you knew that, right?

As my friend Jen noted last night, the kids think that’s an eternity, but for those of us on the gift-buying end, it’s going to pass like a flash.

And speaking of gifts ( you liked that transition, right?), have you ever heard of Operation Christmas Child? No? Let me tell you about it.

Every year Samaritan’s Purse collect shoe boxes filled with little gifts to send all over the world to children in need. One of the most tragic stories I heard was of a recipient that hadn’t been able to attend school until she received her box. See, she had no pencil and that was a requirement for attendance. But in her box, she received several pencils and was amazed at the miracle that she would now be able to attend school.

I was sold the moment I heard that story.

National collection week for OCC is coming up soon – November 16th – 23rd. Participating couldn’t be simpler…

1. Find a shoe box. Our dollar store sells plastic ones.

2. Fill your box with small toys, toothbrush, toothpaste, bar soap, socks, hard candy, school supplies, etc. You can even write a note to your child – they might write back!

3. Place a rubberband around your box and take it to a collection or relay center anytime during collection week.

Bonus – Samaritan’s Purse asks for a $7 donation to help with shipping costs, and if you pay online you can see where your box went!

All three of my kids are chomping at the bit to go shopping for their OCC boxes. It’s one of our favorite Christmas traditions.

If you have more questions you can see the OCC FAQ.


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