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Well, I thought I would be smart this year. We planned to get our pumpkins and carve/paint them tonight so they would be all ready for Halloween.

I was going to take fun pictures of the kids being all grossed out at the pumpkin guts and the final products and post them here.

We went all over town today looking for pumpkins. No luck.

I refuse to pay $12 for a pumpkin at the mud pit/pumpkin patch. And apparently there is a pumpkin shortage due to the massive amounts of rain this fall.

So, no pumpkin. No cute pumpkin pictures.

I managed to keep the kids from dissolving into utter despair by buying stuff to make yummy cookies in the morning and buying McDonald’s for dinner.

I am bummed. They are bummed. But them’s the breaks. How was I supposed to know that there would be a shortage of pumpkins? I mean last year they were still trying to get rid of pumpkins at Christmas!

Oh, well. I will post cute costume pictures tomorrow. The fairy costume is complete! We had to buy wings (purple) since I couldn’t find the proper fabric as called for in the sewing pattern from Hades. The costume turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself, and the best part? Hollywood loves it!

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2 thoughts on “Insert Cute Picture Here ->

  1. Jennifer says:

    Just do the pumpkins the day after, when you can get them super cheap. Or, do a mad science night where you have fun with all sorts of gooey substances…worms, gooey stuff, etc.

    I wish I had known you needed purple fairy wings. I have a set still in their package in my closet!

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