Flu – I Think it has Arrived

So, back at the beginning of October I sent the girls and Captain Chaos and Party Boy off to CC’s 2-year well-check. They usually all get flu shots then.

This year? No flu shots. Our pedi only provides thimerasol free flu shots and apparently there was a shortage. It’s also been hard to get the H1N1 shot unless you are in a high-risk category (asthma, pulmonary or cardiac circumstances). So, none of us have had a flu shot this year.

Now, I don’t think we’ll be needing one.

This morning I noticed that Captain Chaos seemed warm. I took his temperature and he had a low fever (100.5 – just barely over the definition of fever). My little daycare girl had a viral thing last week that caused a fever for about 2 days, so I felt comfortable watching and waiting. I gave him some ibuprofen and the fever came right down. Good.

Then at 4:00 Hollywood came and told me her tummy hurt. That’s a vague complaint. She had no fever and said she was tired so I told her to lay down in her bed. She was supposed to be cleaning her room, so I thought she was faking to get out of it (not unheard of).

At 5:00 as I was reading a story to CC to keep him on the potty long enough to have some success, Hollywood walked in and timidly let me know that she had thrown-up. On the floor.

<Insert mental image of me cringing and moaning>

Got her out of messy clothes. Cleaned floor. Stripped bed. Re-settled Hollywood in quarantine. Sent Party Boy for dinner.

Eat dinner.

More laundry.

Sit down to read.

More laundry.

Sit down to read.

More laundry.

Try to go to sleep.

More laundry.

Sit to watch TV and wait for the impending announcement that I need to wash more clothes/bedding.

Gather laundry. Annnnnnnnnnnnddddddd, discover that the handle to the laundry room door has frozen. I can’t open the door.

Party Boy is asleep, so I do what I always do when the handle does this. I grab the screwdriver and take the handle apart. Only I still can’t get the latch to pop.

So I wake up Party Boy. He tries unsuccessfully to pop the latch, but ends up kicking the door in.

Now the laundry is running again and tomorrow we’ll be replacing the door AND the handle.

Because the flu just wasn’t enough.

I’ll update as we know more. I’ll be calling the pedi in the morning as he has been keeping Saturday hours. He may or may not want us to come in.

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