Recovering and Thankfulness

For whatever reason recovering from our little bug over the weekend was harder than actually having the little bug over the weekend. I have been eating and drinking just fine, but have just felt drained of energy. I felt better yesterday and a even better today, so I am hoping that sticks!

Things have been a real adventure around here as Party Boy started a new job on Monday! Very exciting stuff, that!

I am making ever more progress on Hollywood’s stocking. Slowly, but surely stealing every spare minute to put a few more stitches in and finish before Christmas.

We are plowing ahead in schoolwork, learning about Westward Expansion and pioneer life.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, so we’ve spent quite a bit of time outside playing in the leaves and enjoying the sunshine.

I apologize for not posting this yesterday – Thank you to all of those who have served our country over the years. Thank you to those on the home front for supporting your soldier in the face of the unknown. Thank you for your courage and your sense of duty. Thank you for protecting the freedoms we enjoy here with your very life. Thank you, Veterans, thank you.


I saw this on Molly Irwin’s blog and thought I would give it a go.

Every day this month until Thanksgiving, think of one thing that you are thankful for and post it as your status. “Today I am thankful for…” The longer you do it, the harder it gets! Now, if you think you can do it then repost this message as your status to invite others to take the challenge, then post what YOU are thankful for today.

It is/was intended for Facebook, but I want to cover it on my blog. More space, you know!

Today I am thankful for the quiet and solitude that comes from getting up before the kids. It’s like allowing my internal batteries to recharge and reset for the beginning of the day. Watching the sun come up over the houses across the street and hearing the world in general wake up and start the day.


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