I think I am slowing down…

I only managed to get one December Daily layout done today. I downloaded a free trial of Photoshop CS4 and tried working in there. Talk about a major learning curve. Gotta learn all the new techniques and stuff. It really slowed me down!

That’s okay. I have pictures ready to go for more layouts and stories to go with them. The more I use CS4 the faster I will get and it’s not like I have to start all over learning Photoshop. Ugh. That would be a nightmare. But, to further complicate things – I can’t figure out how to get my one layout sized for the web. It’s late. I’m tired.

I’ll work on it tomorrow. Maybe. If I have time. It may be after Christmas before I get all this sorted.

I guess I kind of knew that jumping four versions of my beloved program might make a difference….

Happy Christmas Eve!


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