The Peace and Quiet of Routine

We started back into a new schedule today for school. One with a few more breaks and more time allotted for some subjects. It seems to have worked…except that Hollywood hates Latin and has asked repeatedly to stop. “It’s boring.” I think she’s just tired.

It was a bit frustrating – getting a new Mac and finding that the software I have used for 2 years to plot our homeschool journey doesn’t support the Mac platform. And why the heck not?!? So I spent the better part of a week in search of a solution that was, after all that time, right under my nose.

Mac comes with a program called iCal – a calendar program. It was a breeze to set up our school schedule in iCal and we just print out our day every morning and plow through.

So, today, our first day of using this system went fairly easily, as fist days back are wont to do. We stayed mostly ahead of schedule and there was little bickering. I think this was due to the built-in Lego breaks.

I told the girls that they couldn’t watch TV until 3. They were eagerly watching the clock all afternoon until about 2:45. Hollywood was engrossed in Latin and MOTS was reading a book she just couldn’t put down. The house is quiet and everyone is doing something productive.

Remind me of this in February when the doldrums lay in and dreams of big, yellow school buses fill my head…

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