Quick-Takes Friday

1. We had a good week school-wise. The schedule seems to be working out and we have managed to finish the vast majority of our schoolwork ths week with little complaint. I am still maintaining that frequent Lego breaks are making all of the difference.

2. The weather is abominable. Below freezing temps and wind-chils in the single digits. It’s keeping us housebound and is driving me crazy.

3. Spent the better part of the day organizing the file cabinet. We shredded 1 foot of paperwork (two full trash bags!) and recycled another 2 feet. It was quite shocking what all we have been hanging onto. I do have to say that it feels really good to have all of that in order now. No more random files and no more labels that are too generic. We have a Place for Everything and Everything in its Place (so now when I say PEEP you know what I mean…).

4. Meal plans rock. I added dinner plans to my daily calendar that also details all school assignments and appointments. Easy-Peasy to look in the morning and see what’s on the plan! I do all my planning in iCal so you Mac users know what I am talking about.

5. Don’t know if I actually mentioned it on the blog, but I did finish Hollywood’s stocking. At 5 :00 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Whew! Talk about down to the wire! I immediately ran to the craft stpre and bought the fabric for Captain Chaos’ stocking. It is coming along nicely and I have a goal for finishing it by Christmas 2010.

6. Here’s a random picture for your viewing pleasure:

Who knew Superman was such a fan of popcorn. While watching Cars on TV. It’s the most still I have seen him in a long time!

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