December Daily – Done.

In hindsight, I made a really dumb mistake in completing this album. More on that in a minute.

Here’s the 2-page spread for Christmas Day. Just some highlight pictures. As I scrap for more detail some of these pages may get a more individual treatment. Or not. I may just leave Christmas as a wrap-up. I haven’t really decided yet.

This is a project that I adore doing, and I look forward to it every year. I am also always glad that it is DONE. It’s just labor intensive.

I did look back at my wrap-up post for 2008 and took note of what I said there – and I did take many, many more pictures. I think it really makes the album more complete. I also really like the 6×6 format as opposed to that weird hybrid size I did in 2008.

Dumb mistake? Changing platforms mid-project. I had a good rythym going and I should have stuck to what I knew for completing the projecting. In this case what I knew was Photoshop v7. I switched to Photoshop CS4 (free trial – still evaluating). It was a huge learning curve and really crimped my style. It slowed me down and that’s why I am posting the final day SO late.

I think I will probably stick to a square size for next year as well, although I may go a little more hybrid – some dimensional items would be nice, so I will shop sales at the hobby stores for Christmas-y stuff to add to my album next year. Other than that? Just stick to whatever I decide to start with, what I know.


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