The Food Cycle

In science right now we are studying eco-systems, specifically – Earth. Today we talked about the food cycle – plants feed animals, animals feed other animals, dead animals feed soil microrganisms and soil microrganisms feed plants. It’s your basic circle of life (cue Lion King music now).

To help cement the idea I had the girls draw the food cycle and label the parts. It worked, but Hollywood was still struggling a little bit.

Captain Chaos was playing Legos nearby and I pilfered a few to illustrate the food cycle. I am well-aware that Grizzly Bears are not natural predators for Zebras, but you do with what you’ve got, right?

Anyway, we acted out the food cycle several times until everyone could recite the parts and explain how it worked. In the meantime, Captain Chaos had wandered over to check on his Legos and was watching with interest. When we all had it down pat, there were high fives and celebration. I was interuppted by a tug on my shirt.

Captain Chaos pointed to the Legos on the table.

“I have my food cycle back now?”

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