Figuring Out What Works

I feel a little stuck right now. Scrapping wise, anyway.

See, I got a new computer last month. I love my new computer. I also decided that I was done with having my desk in the living room. I have three little kids that used it as a place to drop any random item in their hands, and frankly, it always looked trashed. It was also too tempting to sit down “for a second” and discover that I had been there for 2 hours!

We moved the desk out and I moved my stuff to the office at the other end of the house. Great for helping me control my computer time. Not so great for scrapping.

All of my stuff is on a non-portable external hard drive. I want to work in the living room, but I don’t want to drag the EHD all over the house. Too much risk that it will get dropped or something.

I’ve narrowed my options, but won’t be making a decision right away. The new computer is a Mac, so my old copy of Photoshop won’t work. I am currently nearing the end of my 30 day PSCS4 trial and plan to give PSE8 a whirl. Then I will decide which fits my needs better.

After I decide on a software I need to tackle the supplies issue. Do I load my stuff into the laptop, eating up precious hard drive space? Do I buy a portable hard drive? Decisions, decisions.

At any rate, it has really limited my scrapping time, though I hope to get some time in this weekend while Party Boy s busy with schoolwork. And, possibly I will overcome my scrapper’s block. Oh, I hope so anyway.

Any suggestions? Where do you store your stuff?

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One thought on “Figuring Out What Works

  1. Jennifer says:

    Well, I paper scrap, so I store my stuff ALL.OVER.MY.APARTMENT. Sorry for yelling, but it’s clearly taken over. Haven’t seen my dining table since sometime mid-November. So, not really a feasable suggestion.

    I have -had- an external hard drive, on which I kept all of my music and pictures. I kept it at school. And one of my students who could NOT stay out of my stuff God bless him tripped over it three times. It came crashing to the floor, and it is no longer speaking to any computers at all.

    Now it is sitting on the side of my couch, waiting for me to take it somewhere and see if we can ressurect it.

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