Is that Granny?

The other day I was cleaning out the CDs in our office. Party Boy is a fan of Classic Rock and has a few collections scattered here and there. I was gathering all of the CDs to organize them in one place.

As I was completing this task Captain Chaos wandered in and saw this CD laying on the floor next to me

He picked it up and studied it for a few seconds.

He looked at me with excitement all over his face. He pointed to Nancy Wilson (on the right). “Dat GRANNY!” he squealed and ran off to share.

Party Boy nearly collapsed from laughter.

A few minutes later Hollywood pops her head into the office and holds out the CD case. “Is that Granny?”

Ummmmm, no. She believes anything Captain Chaos tells her.

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One thought on “Is that Granny?

  1. Jennifer says:

    I went backstage at a Heart concert once. Unfortunately, I was too young (less than 10) to understand, appreciate, or really remember much of the experience. I remember thinking everyone was exceptionally sweaty. Yuck.

    But it’s still cool to say I was backstage at a Heart concert.

    I AM a rock star, you know.
    When I’m not busy being a ninja.

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