Travelling the World (Showcase)

Saturday morning we were back up early and dressed quickly. We arrived at Epcot early and made it in time for rope drop! Yay! WHile the characters were greeting and rope drop festivities were happening Party Boy and I were examining the map and planning our strategy! 😀

Most of the big rides at Epcot have height requirements, so Captain Chaos spent a lot of time at alternate activities while we parent-swapped the rides.

I didn’t get as many pictures here because it started raining off an on all day, so I had to put my camera away pretty early to keep it safe.

Captain Chaos’ favorite spot was The Seas pavillion. He loves fish and especially Nemo!

Best dinner of the weekend was at the Garden Grill. We visited with Mickey Mouse, Pluto and Chip and Dale!

You may notice that Hollywood is missing from the photos. She is still a little put of by characters in costume. She won’t scream and try to run away anymore, but her tolerance usually ends at giving a high-five and then keeping her distance unless I or Party Boy go with her for the picture… What can you do?


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