Progress, Finally!

I think I have a solution to my scrapping conundrum. I decided that if I was ever going to scrap again that I had to do something to make it easy to scrap on the couch with the family. In order to make that happen I have to have supplies on my computer hard drive. Thing is, I don’t want to move all of my supplies over to the laptop. I need to do some culling of the supplies anyway, so I have decided that I would only move over what I really use.

To begin this process I wanted to start on a Disney album and start getting those pictures scrapped while the memories are still fresh. I hooked up to my EHD and picked some neutral background papers and one kit for the album. This forces me to stick to one basic color palette for the album, which makes it a more cohesive album and also saves time. No more spending a half-hour hunting for “that one element I know I have.”

I also downloaded the trial for Photoshop Elements 8 so I could give that a whirl and see what I think. I used it to create this page about our dinner at Planet Hollywood –


After we checked into our hotel we immediately headed to Downtown Disney to get in the Disney mood for our trip. We were all pretty hungry, so the first order of business was getting some dinner. We walked around a little before finally deciding that Planet Hollywood sounded good. Chris and I had been before, way back when there was still a Planet Hollywood in Dallas, but the kids had never been. I don’t think that they got the concept right away – that the restaurant displays costumes and props from the movies.They enjoyed the atmosphere, though, and after looking at some of the stuff hanging near our table finally realized what all the cool stuff was!
After dinner we followed our waiters suggestion and took the elevator up to the 4th floor and looked around up there. It was the sci-fi floor, so they even had some Star Wars stuff, which was really cool. We walked back to the ground floor via the spiral staircase and we were able to look at the stuff displayed along the stairwell. It was a fun experience for all of us and best of all we were STUFFED!

It’s a pretty simple page focusing mostly on the pictures and the story. It’s also a new format for me. I decided to try an 8-1/2×11 page format for this album. I kinda like it.

We’ll see what the final verdict is in 30 days.

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