Snow Day 2.0

Last Thursday it snowed. It snowed a record-breaking 12.5 inches.

A friend on Facebook summed it up nicely. Day 1 of snow = AWESOME! Day 2 of snow = annoying. Day 3 of snow = Gross. Thankfully, on day 3 of snow the sun finally emerged and the white stuff melted off pretty quickly. Except for in the shady spots, where it still sits. There’s a couple of spots in the backyard as I write this.

On Friday, I went outside in the morning and took a couple of pictures of the trees that were heavy-laden with snow.

Then I came inside and documented what was going on in here.

They played trains for most of the morning. Then we spent the rest of the day running around trying to get a diagnosis for Chaos, who was obviously very sick. As I said, it was RSV that caused a double ear infection. We got bubble-gum medicine (amoxicillin) and are currently on the mend.

It was a pretty crummy way to spend Valentine’s weekend, but I am happy that we got everyone back in good health.

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