Weekend Scrapping

This was a good, busy weekend. Did some cleaning. Did some scrapping. Did some gardening. It was good. We also converted the always playroom to a combination playroom/schoolroom. We’ve been having problems with schoolbooks and supplies being left all over the house because we didn’t have a spot in the house where we could both study and store supplies. The books and stuff had to be stored in he playroom, but there wasn’t a good way to work up there so everything came back to the living room, where it would get left and lost! Overall we were spending way too much time looking for our things. Hopefully this will help.


And some pages from this weekend –

I used Template 171 from Yin as the basis for this set. I had to change it up since the original template is 12×12 and I am working in 8.5×11. If you aren’t familiar with Yin’s templates you should really check them out. They’re free and really well done.

This one is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend. It’s also one of the few from Epcot. It rained and the camera had to stay in the bag for most of the day. I was bumed, but that’s how it goes.

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