Today I…

* overslept.

* took my 2-year-old to his gym class. He did not want to participate.

* drove around for most of the morning on errands.

* Read a bit of the paper.

* Did 2 loads of laundry.

* Did some research online.

* Read this blog.

* Laughed.

* Cried.

* Cried and laughed. At the same time.

* Hugged my kids and thanked my lucky stars and God.

* Took my oldest to basketball practice.

* Found this guy

first taking aim at the toilet.

Then later aiming at my bed.

Then again in the kitchen looking for a snack. Funny.

* got another garden catalog in the mail. I love garden catalogs.

* Made pizza roll-ups for dinner.

* Hugged my kids and sent them to bath and bed.

* Looked around at the happy mess that is my kitchen and living room and thanked my lucky stars and God again.

* Uploaded this picture that was supposed to be in yesterday’s post…whoops.


One thought on “Today I…

  1. PandaMom says:

    Can I just tell you how much I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!! See you tomorrow night! I’m off to watch LOST! ; )

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