A Perfectly Ordinary Day

Today was a perfectly ordinary day. Snow was predicted, but it didn’t happen this far north. I was still bitterly cold and miserable outside.

We went to a make-up gym class for Captain Chaos. I was very proud of him – he participated well and minded most of the time.

We went to the grocery store. Okay, actually it was Target, which is a dangerous place. I go in with a list representing about $30 worth of stuff. I walk out with $135 worth of stuff. Weird how that happens.

We did schoolwork. Math. Reading. Handwriting. The works. MOTS is reading a book about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad which has led to some amazing discussions.

We ate lunch. The kids had lunchables (or wuntabills as Captain Chaos calls them). That’s a treat. I had eggrolls. Another treat.

Captain Chaos took a great nap. I got all my ironing done. Yay!

I made chicken & rice soup for dinner.

We took MOTS to swim class.

We watched 24 and Lost.

These are the kinds of days that slip by without much notice. They march through and leave no memory simply because they are so very ordinary.

In one year I won’t remember this day specifically, because it wasnt extraordinary.

I do love these ordinary days. Perfectly ordinary.


One thought on “A Perfectly Ordinary Day

  1. Jennifer says:

    Here’s an awesome site about the underground railroad:

    My kids loved it. The computer lab was silent, which is unheard of and a little scary!

    I’ll also bring you a copy of our make-your-own freedom quilt tonight. The kids really liked this activity too.

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