Why I Love Perfectly Ordinary Days

Because today will not be one. At 8 a.m. I am having my wisdom teeth taken out. Long story short – they were/are too hard to clean and are having a negative impact on my other teeth and gums which could lead to some serious infection in the future. Bummer.

Anyway, the dentist says it should be pretty straight-forward as extractions go since all the teeth are erupted. None are impacted, so it’s not a surgical procedure, just pulling teeth. All four of them.

It may be a few day before I post again…recovery and all, you know. Here’s to healthy teeth.

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One thought on “Why I Love Perfectly Ordinary Days

  1. Donna Miller says:

    Good Luck!!
    Grandpa said “Oh no she is losing all her wisdom” But we know better.
    Get well! Love Grandma

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