Stalking a Duvet Cover

Such is my life – a day late and a dollar short, you know?

We bought a new down comforter for Valentine’s Day. It was a gift to each other. We desperately needed new bedding and so it goes.

Next it was on to search for a duvet cover. I liked one of Martha Stewart’s sets, but the sheets were only 150 thread count. Not the best quality and I really wanted nicer sheets this time. But the look of the duvet was really (in this case) made by adding the sheets. So, no go.

We came home from searching at the mall and I started browsing online.

I browsed on over to William Sonoma at Home and there it was…the absolutely perfectly ideal amazing beautiful duvet cover.

I gasped audibly when I saw it. Party Boy jumped. But then he agreed that it was perfect –

After drooling for only a minute I checked and it was completely sold out in King size. I may have teared up a little. I called William Sonoma to ask about the status of the duvet – did they plan on ordering any more? Currently, no. But they could always order more. So I check the website daily. Have they ordered more? No. But it could happen. And if it does I WILL have one.

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