Things We Do For Our Kids

I am not a good board game player. I hate losing and most of the time won’t play if I am not guaranteed to win. I own that. Having kids forced me to change a little bit. There are still games that I hate, but I play them for the sake of my kids.

RISK is one of those games. It takes forever. It’s boring. There’s too much left to chance. I am not guaranteed to win. In fact, since it’s a strategy game I am almost guaranteed to lose.

As we were cleaning off the board game shelf yesterday, though, we came across RISK. The girls have never played it. It’s one of the games that Party Boy brought along when we got married. I hate it as much as he loves it. Today the girls were begging to play it.

We started at 2 p.m. after we returned from a yummy lunch and Easter clothes shopping with MeMaw and PePaw (Thanks again!). At 4 p.m. I. was. done. There was no end in sight to this game. Captain Chaos was up and wanted to “help.” His help involved moving random pieces around. And I was tired of consulting the rule book every 15 seconds to see what we were supposed to be doing.

I threw in the towel and the girls switched to a 2-player game with my territories as neutral. And then Captain Chaos stole the dice. And hid them. Then laughed.

Game over.

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3 thoughts on “Things We Do For Our Kids

  1. PandaMom says:

    PandaPop and his dad LOVE this game and we three girls (MIL and SIL) HATE it!! It DOES take FOR-EHHHVER! However, your pic of the little pawn is great!! ; )

  2. Jennifer says:

    My kids play this every chance they get. Last year, I got so tired of borrowing it from another teacher that I finally bought it for them for Christmas.

    On another note, my game closet looks so bad that I have grounded the kids from playing them more than once. Looks like it is time to pull out the label maker and the ziplock baggies.

    You realize you’re making more work for me.

  3. […] 29, 2010 tags: Family, Hollywood, MOTS, Party Boy, Pictures by cbar629 Remember when the girls strong-armed me into playing RISK with them and how it beat me down, made me assume the fetal position under the kitchen table and refuse to […]

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