A Productive Morning

This morning the kids had Spring Break Camp. It was a blessing because I was able to get some errands done without littles in tow. I was able to browse without worrying about what Captain Chaos was dismnatling.

First stop – Hobby Lobby. I got some stuff for the kids Easter baskets and a mat board to play with my mat cutter. I also got a magnet board to use with my cross-stitch. The current stocking pattern is getting progressivly harder to follow.

Next stop – Whole Foods. I needed to find some Extra Virgin Coconut oil. MOTS and CC both have eczema. CC’s is (so far) much milder than MOTS is, but both get itchy. I read online that some have been able to control their eczema with coconut oil, so we determined to give it a go. It seems a better alternative to a lifetime of cortico-steroid use.

Last stop – State Inspection. So glad I was able to get this one done without kids in tow. They were off having fun and I was trapped in a tiny waiting room watching divorce court on the tiny TV. Good times. The Taco passed with flying colors and we are good to go for another year.

I had worried about CC crying when I dropped him off, but he went in like a champ! Happy to be there and with instant friends. Then when I arrived to pick him up he told me “NO! GO AWAY!” and burst into tears. He wanted to stay and play. <sigh> Oh well, at least he didn’t cry the whole time I was gone!

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2 thoughts on “A Productive Morning

  1. Ginger says:

    Have you tried Curel Itch Defense lotion? Dean has had major problems and we have been given multiple prescriptions, some of which I refused to use because of the steroid issue. When the doctor recommended some kind of special oil slathered on and then covered with PLASTIC WRAP! over night I new I had to find something else. I saw the Itch Defense lotion advertised somewhere I figured I would give it a try. Anything was better than the horror of my child suffocating in the night because he pulled plastic wrap off his leg. We have been using it faithfully for months now and it has completely cleared up even the worst places. Here is the link…


  2. […] 8:25 a.m. Pour Cheerios for CCs breakfast and research eczema treatment suggested by friend. […]

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