We’ve Gone Soft!

I have been watching some of the PBS reality shows – Texas Ranch House, Frontier House, and now, Colonial House. There’s seems to be a theme dominating these shows. The 21st century has made us soft.

I guess I always knew that, but watching 21st century people grapple with the demands of living outside their time is simply amazing. I waver between wondering why they bothered to sign up for the challenge if they didn’t want an authentic experience and pitying them because they have to work so hard.

The women seem to have it the hardest. They really hate being chained to the hearth. They hate the clothes. They hate their new, temporary life. They really hate the different gender roles and expectations.

I am left wondering if I could participate in something similar and be more successful than they were. Could I accept a new role? Get up at 4 a.m. everyday? Deal with livestock? Cook over an open flame? Wash laundry by hand?

I’d like to think I could, but how can you really know?


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