Totally a coincendence. Totally.

I’ve been thinking about starting to bake my own bread here at home. I love fresh bread. Even better? No preservatives. What got me going down this path was the fact that we eat sandwiches almost every day for lunch. We were using over a half loaf (are they shrinking?) every day. Y’all. That’s 3 loaves of bread a week. Now, I know that’s not a huge expense, but it is a lot of preservatives. And a lot of plastic.

So, I thought, why not??

And then the Pastor preached about bread this Sunday. I think it was a sign. 🙂

I tried a no-knead recipe on Thursday/Friday. It was tasty, but not the right texture for sandwiches. It was quite perfect for the leftover soup that we had for lunch. I think that I’ll save that particular recipe for dinner bread – bread as an appetizer or side, not for sandwiches. This means that I needed a sandwich bread recipe.

Thankfully, AllRecipes has a ton out there. I tried this one today. Frankly, it turned out amazing, if I do say so myself. The crust was crisp, but not too thick and the texture was exactly the right consistency. If anything, it is a little on the sweet side, so I’ll cut down on the sugar in the future.

The yield was two loaves that are about half the length of a store loaf. So we’ll use approximately one loaf a day, which is perfect. I’ll be making bread about every other day. I am looking forward to it!


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