I can’t take it!

This has been the absolute worst year for allergies that I ever remember. I am allergic to tree pollen and the oak, maple and hackberry are in full action. In fact it’s peaking right about now.

It’s the worst time of spring for me because even as the weather is beautiful and I am dying to get outside, I can’t, or I risk being taken out by the sneezing, itchy mouth, and burning/watering eyes.

Because of the later than normal spring everything started pollenating all at once and the levels of pollen are much higher than usual, which means that my allergies are also breakingthrough my meds. It’s a pretty rotten state of affairs.

Good news is that by late April the worst will have passed for me for another year and I can get on with my life. And I really feel for those that are stuck with this misery year-round!


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