A New Addiction – Tumblr

So, I am wanting to do a Week in the Life project again, only I was feeling a bit depressed because I don’t currently have Photoshop on this computer. I could do it on the old laptop, but that involves lots of time at an uncomfortable desk in the toy room. While it is a possibility, I just don’t want to.

I had resigned my self to doing the project at a later date, until I met my new best friend. Dear, beloved blog readers: Meet Tumblr.

See Tumblr has a neat property. I can send stuff from my phone. So, no more trying to document when we get home. Now? Now I can shoot notes and pictures to Tumblr as the day goes on. All from my handy-dandy cell phone. Pictures I take with my camera can be uploaded and commented on as well.

So, it’s a Week in the Life – with a twist. All of my documentation will be there and I can do pages later. Or not.

On the Photoshop front, I am trying to hold out until my birthday to get a new copy. It’s been tough, because there is SO MUCH I want to scrap, but for the moment I have Tumblr and my blog to store the details.

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