A Week in the Life Favorites + Update

I am totally digging this Week in the Life project. Tumblr has made it a breeze. It’s especially nice in that I can record and share my pictures without the pressure to do anything once I get Photoshop back up and running.

Here are some faves from the project so far – all from my phone, in case you were wondering about the lousy resolution.

Spring is so busy here. Well, everywhere I guess. But, we’re busy around here!

  • We’re still plugging away at schoolwork. We finished Texas history. It was really a broad overview, with plans to delve deeper in the future. We’ll hit Texas history again in two years and do it alongside American history to make it easier. There’s certainly enough material.
  • I finally feel like we’ve found our groove as far as the day to day work goes both with schoolwork and housework. The kids are still messy, and they still complain about cleaning, but it feels like it is getting better.
  • The garden is working hard at getting to production levels. You can read that update here.
  • I am working hard at planning a couple of trips this year. I love planning almost as much as going places!
  • With sweeps month coming up all of my favorite TV shaws are getting really good. I was sad that this will be the last season of 24 and LOST. Hope that they’ll be replaced with crap shows so I can watch less TV. On the other hand, I am looking at catching up on Fringe, cause it looks pretty good…oh, dear.
  • Allergies seem to be abating somewhat. Don’t know if it is the build-up of Claritin in my system or the natural downward trend in tree pollen, but either way, I am thankful!

What have you been up to?

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One thought on “A Week in the Life Favorites + Update

  1. Jennifer says:

    I would suggest waiting until after LOST to start Fringe. I had to quit Fringe for awhile, because my brain would hurt with one on Tuesday and one on Thursday. It’s really good this season, even having missed a couple of episodes. They talk about the electromagnetic stuff as well. Crazy!

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