Blog A Day in May

This is my very own personal challenge and an attempt to make up for basically forgetting April! I am going to attempt to document each day in May. In addition, you’ll get to see some favorite pictures from the baseball game we attended last weekend (cause I just now uploaded them…whoops)!

So Saturday, Party Boy went up to the new property to clear out the brush growing up underneath the very few trees that are there. I think there are maybe 5 trees total on 2 acres? Not much. The bigger issue is that one of the trees is nearly covered in poison ivy. Which is why I am not there helping. I am very allergic. So, we have a plan – he clears it out (mostly by spraying) and then comes home and washes his clothes, takes a shower and wipes everything down with alcohol to remove the oil! Here’s hoping that will work.

Meanwhile, I watered the garden since the predicted rain was a no-show for us and cleaned off the back porch. Basically, I was just corralling the kids wayward toys and sweeping the dirt and dropped bird seed off the porch. And the whole time I was out there working the birds were gathered on the fence chirping at me in a very aggravated way. I guess I was interuppting breakfast? I also worked in the vegetable garden a bit. Nothing to harvest just yet, but weeds to be pulled (always) and a few more seeds to put out.

We set to work on the final updates to the Purple Martin house that has been sitting in our backyard for a year. After we bought it we found out that the 2″ holes allow European Starlings and Sparrows access to the house. They’ll either take over the house and not allow Martins to live there, or they’ll break in and kill the baby Martins. Not a good thing. So we created some Starling Resistant Entry Holes (SREH) using the plastic from a dish tub we got at the Wal-Marts. I don’t know if Party Boy intended for me to complete the assembly by myself or not, but since I don’t know what hardware to use I am holding off on that little project. I would hate to ruin all of our hard work. In addition, we decided that the bird house will be coming with us when we move. We’ve put to much work into it for it to stay here.

I spent some quality time with Captain Chaos’ stocking while catching up on DVR’d episodes of Castle. I recently discovered it and I really enjoy it! SOmething about watching an author solve crimes. 🙂

Party Boy called me when he got done with the property about 3 and the kids and I ran up to Sonic to get him lunch/dinner and a shake. I got the kids and I a light dinner as well and ice cream for a treat. They had been behaving really well all day so they earned it.

The evening is all about movies – Party Boy bought Avatar and Transformers 2: Rise of the Fallen for us to watch. Yay for movie night!

Hope your Saturday was productive and wonderful!

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