Time Travel, Netflix, and Grocery Shopping

Monday was an errand day. Nothing spectacular. Grocery store, check! Drug store, check! Library, check!

I will note that I got some books to read, so my poor little May round-up won’t be devoid of reading material.

When we got home we scrounged lunch, except for Hollywood, who got to go out to eat and shopping with Granny for her birthday. I cleaned up the kitchen and got dinner started (roasted chicken stuffed with lemon thyme from my very own herb garden!). I needed to write lesson plans for the week, and we had cleared out the DVR over the weekend. We are binge TV watchers. It’s terrible.

So, I decided to take a trip back to the 90s through the wonders of Netflix instant view. I watched the first season of The X-Files. Creepy. I also watched the birds fight over seeds in the backyard. I watched a storm roll in. I watched the neighbors ill-bagged trash blow through the backyard. Good times.

It finally rained, which was much needed for the garden. Party Boy called when he left the office, but when I checked on the chicken it wasn’t done. Pizza it is! <sigh>

Time for TV and sewing. Life is good.

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