It’s Cinco de Mayo, but you get 10 things!

Ten observations from Tuesday:

1. I need more than 6 hours of sleep in a night. Tuesday morning was rough because I was up late Monday night reading while Party Boy worked. At least it was a good book!

2. The key to playing Words with Friends is looking for opportunities to play on the triple and double spaces.

3. I love Hobby Lobby. Any reason to go there works for me. This time it was buying stuff for MOTS to start a cross-stitch project. She’s very excited.

4. Homebaked bread is an addictive substance. I seriously love it. I’ll share my slightly altered recipe and tips for the perfect loaves later this week!

5. LOST made me cry this week.

6. I am quite growing attached to Bunny Foo-foo. He is expanding his grazing range now, favoring the sweet clover on the side of the house. We watched him eat from our kitchen table while we did school. I also chased a cat away that was walking along the top of our fence stalking the rabbit.

7. Captain Chaos spent most of the day wearing his cape and performig acts of heroism for random stuffed animals, toy cars, and me. Specifically he was rescuing me from the “dragon,” played by our 13 year old blind and deaf dog, whoe could not understand why someone was trying to cover her with a blanket and tackle her to the ground. She was a good sport about the whole thing and only whined a little.

8. Mother’s Day is Sunday. That’s a head’s up. You can thank me later.

9. Hollywood has begun to count down the days until her birthday. She reminds me daily how many days are left.

10. We celebrated Star Wars Day on Tuesday. You know. May the fourth be with you. We played Lego Star Wars. It was a good way to celebrate.


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