Friday Coffee Pot Post

I saw this idea on another blog. She writes until she runs out of coffee. She does hers on Saturday morning though. So here’s your random coffee pot post.

  • I don’t actually drink a full pot of coffee. I drink about 12 ounces of coffee every morning. I only know this because the water from the fridge dispenser is measured.
  • I did not know that books could/would be recalled until I saw this list on the Handyguys blog.
  • I found this video hilarious.
  • I am buying my Mother’s Day present today. I am getting a couple of magazine subscriptions. At first I told Party Boy that I was buying myself an iPad. After that, a couple of magazine subscriptions sounded really good to him. Ha!
  • I was just kidding. But, he was remarkably okay, although concerned, about me buying myself an iPad. He’s a good guy.
  • I realized that I am nearly halfway done with Captain Chos’ stocking. And it’s only May! If I can just keep it up I may not find myself in a mad rush to finish it on Christmas Eve. That would be good.
  • I am really excited that my birthday is coming soon. I miss Photoshop. I miss it enough that I have toyed with the idea of “borrowing” my old computer for a little bit so I can play some. Maybe next week.
  • We have a school break next week and we really need it.
  • Hollywood has a loose tooth. It is one of her front teeth and she is very excited.
  • Potty training is a very frustrating enterprise. CC knows when he is going. He an tell when he has gone. He will not let us know that he needs to go. He will sit on his potty for hours if allowed to watch TV. So I let him. He’ll go a few times over the course of a morning. He gets some M&M’s for his efforts. I am hoping that he will start to recognize the need. He still asks for a diaper to do #2. Every time.
  • This weeks Glee was amazing. It was like they custom wrote it for Party Boy. “Can’t Touch This” and “Ice, Ice Baby” being some of his favorite throw-back rap songs.

That’s all for today. Have a great weekend!

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