Happy Mother’s Day!

We had a good day!

We made crafts with our 10th graders in Bible Study. Because it doesn’t matter how old your kid is you still love handprint art and contruction paper flowers.

We went to lunch at my in-laws house. FIL made burgers and hot dogs on the grill and we had chips and an amazing dessert. Rest assured I will be twisting my MILs arm for the recipe.

Dropped Party Boy off at the clinic on the way home so he could be diagnosed with bronchitis. Yay. Why, oh why must that be an ever-present threat with every cold?

Came home and took a nice comfy nap on the couch while watching DVR. I got all the way through CSI, but fell asleep at the end of CSI:Miami rerun.

Watched a new series on History channel. America, The Story of Us. I also looked it up and set it to record several episodes. I love that the History channel re-runs everything a million times!

Made Chipotle-like burrito bowls for dinner. I have not mastered the cilantro rice. They were still good. I also have a recipe for corn salsa to share.

Captain Chaos demanded a duel showing of his favorite movies – Iron Man and Toy Story. We are watching Iron Man in the living room. He comes in for his favorite scenes. The rest of the time he watches Toy Story in my room.

Sadly, I still had to clean the kitchen, but I refuse to let that ruin an otherwise good day!

P.S. I added photos to yesterday’s post to show the effect of the window film that we added.


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