New shoes

On Sunday, Party Boy was getting CC dressed for church. He went to put on his shoes – the very same shoes that had fit the previous Sunday – and CC immediately started complaining that the shoes hurt. He wore them anyway. We just figured that our shoe hating child was throwing out whatever excuse might work so he could go barefoot.

We got to church and walking to the nursery area CC was crying real tears about the pain in his feet. So we stopped in the hall and removed the shoes. He has outgrown them in one week.

This meant new shoes. All he had left were lop-lops. And when he put those on I noticed that his heels were hanging off the back! Good grief.

He was a good shopper, patiently trying on shoes and letting me know his preferences without yells. He picked out Croc-like Spiderman shoes. He loves them and will actually keep them on, which is nice. I hated putting his shoes back on everytime we got out of the truck. He also got Toy Story (Buzz & Woody) tennis shoes that light up. Very exciting.

My little guy is growing up. <sniff>


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