Very scary afternoon

This afternoon a gang of allegedly professional theives broke into a house nearby. The owners were at home. The man was tied up and held at gunpoint, but his wife was able to sneak into a bathroom and dial 9-1-1.

When the police showed up they apprehended 2 of the 3 theives, but the 3rd headed directly into my neighborhood. Our neighborhood was put into lockdown as well as the nearby schools. For three hours there were helicopters and police cars all over our neighborhood.

They didn’t catch the man. They think he was picked up by another accomplice or somehow snuck out of the neighborhood.

I know all of this because of the immediate efforts of our neighborhood crime watch. We received constant updates via email about the situation. If you live in a neighborhood with a crime watch please get involved. If your neighborhood doesn’t have a crime watch, contact your local police department and inquire about getting one started! I am so thankful that we have one and that no one was hurt or killed in all of this. I do hope that they catch this man.


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