Going Home Day

This morning Party Boy had early meetings. And since this is Houston, you allot an hour to go anywhere. He left the house at 6:45. Yuck.

I got up and packed up the kids and my clothes and some of Party Boy’s stuff. I laid back down and dozed while Captain Chaos watched cartoons. Got up at 9 and we went downstairs to eat breakfast. I drank a cup of coffee while CC enjoyed a bowl of Froot Loops. And watched Go Diego, Go. The kids were devastated that I said no swimming today. I didn’t want to schlep home wet bathing suits.

They bathed the dog and tortured the cats some more instead.

I finished Disney in Shadows and read a bit of The Lovely Bones. Dunno. I couldn’t get into it. Maybe the movie is better?

Party Boy got home about 2:30 and we headed home. Stopped at an amazing Sonic for dinner. They had a super-cool playground, so the kids played while we ate and then they ate their dinner in the car once we got back on the road. Lifesaver that one. They got to get the energy out and it made the rest of the trip far more pleasant.

Came home to 97 hours of DVR and 2,000 loads of laundry. Joy.


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